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Have a curious mind and a desire to make a difference?  

There's an app for that.

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There is a world of data available to us. And a world of possibilities to do good with it. GatherIQ is a crowdsourcing app from SAS that combines the power of analytics, the talents of everyday problem solvers and the tireless efforts of humanitarian organizations around the world – with the sole purpose of using data for good. 

It's easy to get involved

Whether it's during a lunch break, waiting in line at the airport, or anywhere you have a few minutes to help, it's simple to join us.  Access GatherIQ on your mobile device of choice and select a cause you’re curious about. Explore some data displayed in memorable graphics. Then share your discoveries on social media to raise awareness.

Here's how the GatherIQ app works.

There are two convenient ways to view the app. You can download GatherIQ through the Apple app store for your iPad or iPhone, or select the Web option to open a browser on your laptop. 

Current Partners and Projects

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Video thumbnail image: © WWF-US / Rob Frost

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Refugee family traveling by foot and carrying supplies

Get involved

Volunteer using the Web app or download from the App Store.

Other ways to get involved

Share on social media.


Recommend a nonprofit.

GatherIQ is provided by SAS.

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