GatherIQ is an interactive Data for Good app from SAS that invites the global community to engage with the United Nations 17 Global Goals for a better world by 2030. Take a look at the world through the lens of data and the stories behind the nonprofits, partners and a growing community of citizens curious about making a difference.

GatherIQ is a place to hear real stories from organizations and people creating real change. Dive into the data for a deeper understanding of the world's biggest problems, take a stand and participate in local actions that connect you to our global world. 

Who's getting involved and why?

From middle school students to social advocates and anyone in-between, you’ll have access to an empowering educational resource for social good. Develop your data literacy and critical thinking skills, enjoy interactive challenges and learn about the impact organizations and global citizens are making.

Here's how the GatherIQ app works.

You can download GatherIQ through the Apple App Store or launch the Web option on your laptop.

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Our world today is more connected than ever with opportunities for everyone to be voices of change. What role will you play? What will you say?

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GatherIQ is provided by SAS.

SAS is proud to be part of the Data for Good movement

Data for Good encourages using data in meaningful ways to solve humanitarian issues around poverty, health, human rights, education and the environment.  

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